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How do I invest/buy mutual funds?

Investing in Mutual Funds is an extremely simple process on Niivo.
The step-by-step process is as follows:
1. Go to Invest screen, select a goal or funds by category.
2. Funds are ranked according to our proprietary scoring model in either the goal or the fund category.
3. Select the option ‘One-time’.
4. Enter the amount you want to invest.
5. Click ‘Invest’, ‘accept the terms’ and confirm the investment.
6. Make the payment through net banking.
7. After this, you will get a confirmation on your ‘My Money screen’ screen.
You have successfully invested in mutual funds.

How do I withdraw or redeem investments?

Once the mutual fund units are allocated to you, you can sell or redeem them by clicking on the mutual funds (on 'My Money screen'), hitting the withdraw button. You can sell either partially or completely.
Once redeemed the order is passed to the Mutual Fund who transfer the money back to your registered bank account within 1-3 business days depending on the mutual fund AMC and scheme.

How do I invest if I don’t have netbanking?

Unfortunately, Niivo only supports net banking based payment as of now. Rest assured, we plan to bring in more options to the investor soon.

How can I stop my SIP?

It is a very easy 2 step process
Step 1:
Go to your ‘'My Money screen’, select your fund which has a running SIP.
Click on ‘Cancel SIP’ within your selected fund.
That’s it.

How did I get units in a mutual fund, when I did not pay?

The units you have received are provisionally allocated.
If the money is not deducted from your bank account, these units will be reversed within 7 working days.

Why is my investment not showing correctly on the 'My Money screen'?

If your transactions were made more than 3 working days ago, please email or call us.
Sometimes, this could be due to intermittent internet connection. Kindly refresh the app.

Why is the NAV not updated for a fund?

The delays happen at the Mutual Fund company, NAV will be updated within 24 hrs.

I have got an email from the AMC about BSE rejection/cheque dishonoured/failed transaction

This usually happens when the money is not deducted from the bank account.
In such cases, the temporary units that were allocated are reversed. In case the money was deducted, please email or call us.

When do I get refund for a failed transaction?

You will receive the refund from BSE within 7 working days.
If you still haven’t received it after 7 working days please email us.

Why does the investment not show in My Money screen after making the payment?

Your investments will move to ‘My Money’ screen within 3 working days.
This is the time required for unit allocation and folio generation. Until then your investments will show under recent orders section with status as  ‘Payment Received’.

How long does it take to get the units?

The units will be allotted within 3 working days.
You will receive the investment statement with the folio details in your registered email ID within this time.
Also, the folio and units will be updated on the 'My Money’ screen.

Which are the best funds for me?

Niivo runs a goal based investment screen, which you can see when you click on the ‘Invest’ button. You can select a goal which matches your requirement. Niivo shows you recommended funds along with our recommended amount for each fund.
You can also choose to invest into specific mutual funds by selecting basis their categories.

How do I decide where to invest?

We have made it fully automated for you.
All available NFOs are displayed under the invest by category screen.
NFOs will be available under that page only for the period that they are open.

How do I invest in an NFO?

Unfortunately, Niivo only supports net banking based payment as of now. Rest assured, we plan to bring in more options to the investor soon.

Which are the mutual funds available on Niivo?

Niivo believes that not all mutual fund houses are equal. Basis our proprietary algorithm, we have realised that only about 15 mutual fund houses deliver alpha returns. Hence, we only offer schemes from these fund houses.
This number is dynamic and we may add fund houses if their performance improves.

I have redeemed from the fund, but the money has not been credited

It takes up to 3 working days for the redeemed money to be credited to your bank account.
If you still haven’t received it, please email us.

What is the cut off time for getting today’s NAV?

For an investment made on a working day, the cut off time is 3 pm for investment less than 2 lakhs.
For investments greater than 2 lakhs, the cut off time is 1 pm, to attain the same day’s NAV.
For liquid funds the criteria applied is different.

How do I start an SIP on Niivo?

The steps are as follows:
1. Select the goal /mutual fund you want to start the SIP in
2. Click on the ‘Invest’ button
3. Select ‘Monthly (SIP)’ option
4. Select ‘Pay Manually’
5. Enter the end date of the SIP and the SIP amount.
6. Click ‘Invest’ and your SIP will be started after accepting the terms.
Your SIP is created. But your first payment is due without which your SIP will be canceled

Can I change the date of my SIP?

As of now, we default all SIPs to the 1st of every month.

What do I do if my SIP installment was not deducted?

The SIP amount did not get deducted due to below possible reasons below:
1. Biller is not added in your net banking account (check your net banking account to see biller details)
2. Limit set while adding biller is less than the SIP amount (check your net banking account to see biller details)
3. 30 days gap not completed between the first installment and the next. If none of the above reasons are valid, please email us and we will check the issue.

How do I pay for a missed SIP installment?

There are no penalties for missing a SIP installment. However, if you want to make up the difference in the amount, you can simply make a ‘One Time’ purchase in the same mutual fund scheme.

How can I get Tax Proofs?

Kindly email us on support@niivo.in with your details and the period for which tax proof is required. We will email your statement within 3 working days.

Can I delete my bank details?

Niivo currently does not support the option to delete bank account details.

How do I change my mobile number or email id on Niivo?

Just send a request to support@niivo.in
We will update your mobile number or email id within our systems.
Please note that this will not affect your already invested folios or funds.

What do I do if the app says ‘Mobile number already exists’

This happens when there is already an user registered with the same mobile number.
You can reach out to us at support@niivo.in  and we will help you update the number for your new account.

How long does KYC (or CKYC) take to get created/verified?

Know Your Customer or KYC document creation takes 7 working days if the documents are complete and authentic.
If CKYC already exists, our verification process takes 1 working day.

The App is going ahead with KYC process?

For KYC non-verified customers, Niivo will get your KYC done.  All you have to do is submit the following documents:
1. Photo of PAN card.
2. Photo of Identity card and address proof.
3. A 5-second video of you, holding your PAN card.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account, you may put out your request to support@niivo.in .Your account will be deleted within 48 hrs.

How do I add a nominee to my investments?

Please send your nominee name and nominee relation over email.  We will update the nominee details in the new investments. For existing investments, kindly write to us, and we will get back with the process.

How do I change bank account on Niivo?

Kindly write to us on support@niivo.in with your request and we will advise you of the process.

How do I know my investments are safe on your platform.

When you invest through Niivo, the money goes from your bank account to the Mutual Fund collection account (BSE) directly. We do not handle your money at all.

Is my Data safe?

Your data is safe and secure with us.
Your personal details are shared with only the regulator (SEBI) approved by KYC Registration Agency to register your KYC. Similarly, your bank details are shared with the Mutual Fund houses (required for the folio creation).