About Us

Niivo is run by people with long experience in running investment and wealth management businesses. Our team comprises of people with a prudent mix of technology and product experience.

Niivo started off from a simple idea, why do people who invest only come from a few geographical areas of our vast and diverse country. We realised early on that the key reason was lack of knowledge of products and the means to buy investment products. At the outset, we decided to make Niivo the 'easiest to use' investment platform.

We distilled our decades of wealth management experience into the algorithms that run the Niivo platform. This ensures that You, the investor, gets the right advice on the funds that matter and which provide a profitable return on your investment over time. We also decided that we will not complicate things for you by overloading with data and information which is only understood by a few. We display only relevant data, but for those who seek all kinds of additional information is available on our web platform.

Our promise to You, the investor, is that we will knowingly never promote any investment which only benefits us. Our algos are so designed that any human bias is completely eliminated, the ranking reflects our sincere belief in those funds and their managers to generate alpha returns for the investor.

Whether you're a beginner, or have been put off investing for whatever reason, or are a seasoned investor, we at Niivo, implore you to try Niivo. You will not be disappointed, Niivo was built keeping You in mind. Here's wishing You a very happy and profitable investment journey!